Recent Weddings

Busby-Lemley at Wilson & Chickasaw


Hardcastle-Holland at Bellevue Baptist


Zambetti-Prescott at Christ Methodist


Stephenson-Annable Wedding

Haley & Paula’s Dinner

Rachel’s Flowers

Haley & Paula in the Cotton


Richardson Double Wedding at Annesdale

Ceremony Video at Annesdale


Gruner-Tate at Temple Israel

Tate Rehearsal Dinner

Suzanne’s Bridal Luncheon


Ward-Smith at Acre

Nora, Jessica & Alex


McLean-Volpe at The Crown Winery


Bolding-Haaga at 2nd Pres. & Botanic Garden


Schaeffer-Kennedy in The Garden

Bryson & Matthew at Lafayette’s


Berger-Myers at Idlewild & The U-Club

William Sings to Catie Jane


Banks-Williams at The Peabody


Stephenson-McDermott at GSL & The Columns

Katie & Grant’s Dinner at The U-Club

Katie & Grant Downtown


Schifani-Wray at St. Mary’s & 409 S. Main


Epley-Brunetti Wedding at Idlewild Pres.

Epley Reception at The Peabody

Hyatt & Olivier at Itta Bena & Beale St.

Hyatt’s Bridal Luncheon at Maison Loveless

Hyatt & Olivier at The Beauty Shop

Hyatt & Olivier’s Soirée

Hyatt & Olivier on the River


Stough-Jonas at St. Mary’s & Balinese Ballroom


Pierce-Bates at St. John’s & MCC

Wedding Flowers by Le Fleur

Mary & Brent in The Peabody Skyway


Betsy & Stuart’s Wedding in England


Volpe-Fili at St. Peter & 409 So. Main

Cam & Jon’s Rehearsal Dinner


Tibbets-Morris at Calvary & U-Club

Courtney & Claiborne’s Dinner at MCC


Schwimmer-Fox at WaterWorks


Bugnitz-Thompson at St. Peter & 409 So. Main


Price Beatty at G’town Meth. & The Red Barn


Sweat-Day at The Peabody


Leatherman-Stroup at The Terrace on Harbortown


Schifani-Wills at Holy Spirit


Glaser-Struminger at Temple Israel

Kathryn & Eric’s Halloween Dinner at Corky’s


Pattison-Parks at The Dixon Gallery Gardens

Mandy & Zach at Acre


Betsy & David’s 50th at Hunt & Polo Club


Spraybery-McCommon at The Center for Southern Folklore


Pilgrim-Ramey at 2nd Bapt. & Ballet Memphis

Ginny & Brandon


McDonald at St. Peter and The Zoo


Hutton-Haims at Snowden House & The Peabody

Sara & Adam’s Ceremony


May-Lequerica at Annesdale Mansion

Emily & Frank at The Peabody

Emily & Frank at Annesdale


Henderson-Oltremari at St. Peter & U-Club

Andy Playing  Bongos for Liz


Sankaran-Bentley at Esplanade

Sankaran Party at The Zoo


Coplon-Suen at First Evan.

Reception at The Hilton

Anna & Garret’s Rehearsal Dinner


Winstead-Turley at Wilson Chapel

Reception at Memphis Country Club

Turley Dinner at The Hunt & Polo Club


Lucovich-Daves at Wilson Chapel & 409 So. Main

Jessica & Bryce Downtown


Becky & Bob Kaplan


Ellis-Weber Wedding in Ponte Vedra at Christ Episcopal

Patton & Larry’s Reception at The TPC Sawgrass

Ellis Welcome Party at The Surf Club

Weber Rehearsal Dinner at The Plantation House

Patton & Larry’s Wedding Highlights


Bruss-Williams at Immanuel Lutheran


Tharp-Washington at The Cadre


Caldwell-Fulton at Paris-Yates & U-Club Oxford

Libby & Blake’s Rehearsal Dinner & Luncheon

Libby & Blake at Chickasaw C.C.


Johnston-Tayloe at Idlewild & The U-Club

Mary and Jay at Memphis Country Club


Brakebill-McAdam at Second Presbyterian

The Reception at Memphis Country Club

Elizabeth & Kingsley’s Dinner at The Peabody


Hansen-Thompson at Independent Pres.

Hansen-Thompson at The U-Club

Elizabeth & Clayton at Felicia Suzanne’s


Parham-McCrary Wedding

Meghan & John at Chickasaw

Meghan & John’s Rehearsal Dinner


Thompson-Morrow at Wilson Chapel & The Cadre

Joy & Paul at Itta Bena & B.B. King’s


Laura & Mark Hooper at Home


Allen-Cannon at St. John’s Episcopal


Shipman-Cooley at Temple Israel


Betsy’s Shower


Heros-Ellis at St. Louis & The Columns

Ellis Dinner at Chickasaw


Saxton-Inman at 2nd Pres. & Memphis Country Club

Elizabeth & John’s Dinner



Lee-Drennan at Dixon Gardens & Hughes Pavilion


Carter-Bulger at The Peabody


Fankel-Fusco at Temple Israel


Amy & Jim at Schaeffer Chapel


Campbell-Robertson at St. John’s Episc.

Martha & Terry at Felicia Suzanne’s



Morrison-Guyton at Christ Methodist & U-Club

Helen’s Bridal Portraits

Helen & Alex’s Dinner at Summit Ballroom



Matthews-Pietrangelo Wedding in the Squire’s Rest Garden

Matthews-Pietrangelo Reception in the Barn & under the Tent

Joey’s Toast to Sarah & Family

Paul & Sue’s Toast to Sarah & Joey

Sarah & Joey’s First Dance

Sarah & Joey’s Dances w/ Dads & Mother

Anthony Sings to Sarah & Joey

Sarah & Joey in NY Times

Wedding Day Brunch

Cocktail Party

Bridal Luncheon

Matthews Family at Squire’s Rest

Shoemaker-Churinetz in the Garden

McClatchy-Boerner in Holly Springs

Rainey-Snow at 2nd Pres. & Botanic Gardens

Stephanie & Spence at Jim’s Place

Dad’s Toasts for Stephanie & Spence

Burkhalter-Ferguson at The Paris-Yates Chapel

Lelia & Hunter’s Rehearsal & Dinner at City Grocery

Phillips-Woodward at The Peabody

Becca & Joe at Dinner at Tower Center

Thompson-Wedemeyer at Idlewild

Ginger & David’s Reception

Ginger sings Roll’n on the River

Keesee-Vogel at Calvary Episcopal

Sarah & Stephen’s Reception at MCC

Sarah’s Song

Sarah & Stephen at Felicia Suzanne’s

Walker-Koelsch at The Dixon Gardens

Krausnick-Malmo at St. John’s Episcopal

Liz & Donnie’s Reception at Memphis CC

Elizabeth’s Flowers

Malmo-Krausnick Dinner at Chickasaw CC

Andy’s Toast to Elizabeth & Donnie

Collie’s Toast to Elizabeth & Donnie

Donnie’s Toast

Memphi at The Hunt & Polo Club

Thompson-Olson at Idlewild Pres.& The U-Club

“Celebration” by Ellen & Eric

Jones-Grandberry at The Pink Palace

Howell-Gurley at St. Francis & Hillwood at Davies Manor

Jennifer & Steven’s Wedding Vows

Mathis-Blythe at Idlewild & The Zoo

DeSimone-Ebelhar at Church of the Incarnation

Nicole & Rocky’s Reception at The Esplanade

Nicole & Rocky at Fino Villa

Wedding Ceremony on YouTube

Jamison-Cunningham at 1st Evan. & the Red Barn

Kelley & Chad at the Red Barn

Kelley’s Bridal Portraits

Ondra-Wharton at Colonial Pk. Methodist & Hardin Hall

Parrish-Raver at St. Andrew’s & The Peabody

Rudner-Herron at Temple Israel

Melanie & Brandon’s Dinner at The Hilton

Potter-Campbell at Union Ave. Bapt. & The Zoo

Angela & Doug’s Wedding Vows

Angela & Doug’s Dinner at Brooks Museum

Angela’s Bridal Portraits at Brooks Museum

Hamilton-Sobczak at St. Mary’s & Central Station

Melanie & Chris’ Wedding Vows

Hill-Drummond at Holy Communion & Chickasaw C.C.

Leslie’s Flowers by Garden District

Sledd-Berryhill at G’town Pres. & Opera Memphis

Faulkner-Whiddon at Woodland Hills

Stough-Lane at Germantown Methodist & Colonial C.C.

Calley & Jackson’s First Dance

Calley & David’s Dance

“Kiss” for Calley & Jackson

Calley & Jackson’s reception-“Forget You”

Ida & David Blindman at Temple Israel

Wilson-Cowen at Second Presbyterian Church

Lizzie & Clint’s 40s Swing Dance at Cadre

Lizzie & Clint “Pennsylvania 6-5000”

Lizzie, Clint, Allison, & Sandy

Lizzie & Clint “Chattanooga Choo Choo”

Pattison-Aiello at The Peabody Hotel

Stacey’s Wedding Flowers by Garden District

Jerry Lee Lewis “Great Balls of Fire” for Stacey & Mike

Jerry Lee Lewis at The Skyway “Whole Lotta Shakin”

Mike & Stacey’s First Dance to “Precious & Few”

Stacey & Mike’s Dinner at Felicia Suzanne’s

Burkhalter-Newsom in Batesville

Laura’s Bridesmaids’ Brunch at the Flemings

Laura & Josh’s Dinner

McGrew-Hammond at Christ Methodist & Chickasaw C.C.

Fireworks for Lindsey & Josh

Flowers by Garden District

Lindsey’s Bridal Portraits

Lindsey & Josh’s Rehearsal & Dinner at University Club

Hampton-Davis at St. Mary’s and The Peabody

Tori & Michael at Felicia Suzanne’s

Pugh-Plyler at St. Peter & The Cadre

Caroline & Jeremy’s BBQ at The Rendezvous

Jeanne & Rodney on the Collierville Square

Crisp-Martin at The Ornamental Metal Museum

Baker-McCloskey at Wilson Chapel & Pink Palace

Hardwick-Nugent at Bellevue Bapt. & Ridgeway C.C.

Lauren & David “A Perfect Match”

Price-Efron Wedding at Temple Israel

Edie & Eric’s Dinner at Auto Zone Park

Anndee & Allen’s Wedding on the River & at Felicia Suzanne’s

Weissman Party for Wendy & Brad

Lichterman Nature Center

Knopf-Arnold at Temple Israel

Deena & David at La Pavillon

Houston-Vogel at Kingsway and Opera Memphis

Wheeler-Cooper at New Hope and Esplanade

Birdsong-Goss at Faith Bapt. & The Peabody

Rachel’s Bridal Portraits

Rachel & Robbie at The Butcher Shop

Whiddon-Pugh at WaterColor Inn & Resort in Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Pugh Rehearsal Dinner at Café Thirty-A

Britney & Kyle at the Park

Myers-Kitchens at St.Louis & Racquet Club

Young-Williams at Ellendale Bapt. & Colonial C.C.

Dougan-Hammontree at Union Av. Bapt. & Central Station

Leah & Jay’s Wedding on The River at #2 Vance

Abplanalp-Kennon at the Zoo on the Falls at Teton Trek

Jennifer & Brandon at the Lake

Carson-Watts at Savannah Woods Plantation

Saunders-Varela at 1st Evan. & The U-Club

Kate & Jose’s Dinner at The Zoo

Thompson-Canale at St. Peter & The U-Club

Nick & Meredith’s Dinner at Chickasaw

Avery-Page at Independent Pres. & Botanic Gardens

Bekah & Kaleb’s Dinner at The Madison

King-Bailey at The Columns

Jamison-Johnson at 1st Evan. & Windyke C.C.

Heather & Andy’s Dinner at Jim’s Place

Heather & Andy at the Park

Wesberry-Rueff at Second Pres. & The U-Club

Taylor-Puckett at Hope Pres.

Gerregano-Gilley at Collierville Meth. & Ridgeway C.C.

Barclay-Connerley at Chirst Meth. & Chickasaw C.C.

Iglehart-Blank at Idlewild Pres. & The U-Club

Sarah Jane & Mike’s BBQ at Stax

Pollack-Nelson at The Peabody

Jensen-Knight at Second Pres. & The Botanic Garden

Grace & Ethan’s Dinner at The U-Club

Weissman-Woodward at The Pink Palace

Gibson-Schubert at St. Dominic’s Catholic Church

and The St. Francis Yacht Club-San Francisco

Taylor & Kort’s Dinner at Fior d’Italia

Fiesta at Brooke & Drew’s Hacienda

Akins-Joy at Second Pres. & The U-Club

Amanda Joy & Justin’s Dinner at Chickasaw C.C.

Jyotsana & Natarajan at The Hindu Temple

Smith-Mrva at I.C. & The Peabody

Amy & Ben at The Rendezvous

Miller-Chapell at The Cadre

Graves-Howell at Batesville Methodist & The Oxford Center

Jordan & Taylor’s Rehearsal & Dinner at The Inn at Ole Miss

Jordan & Taylor’s After Party at The Library

Lehman-Katz at Baron Hirsch

Wurzburg-Parker at Botanic Garden

Cianciolo-Williams at The Cadre

Klinke-Mays Wedding

Klinke-Mays Party at Memphis CC

Tabb-Daush at St. Peter & The Train Station

Tagg-Hill at I.C. & The U-Club

Lauren & Tom at the Zoo

McKenzie-Barton at Calvary Episc. & Central Station

Tara & Franklin at The Cedars

Ale & Matt at Woodruff-Fontaine

Montesi-Cashion at St. Peter & The U-Club

Jennifer & Trotter at Dixon

Lyons-Abart at St. Louis & Home Bldrs.

Katie & Jacob at The Racquet Club

Brookfield-Morgan at Holy Communion & U-Club

Anne-Morgan’s Bridal Portraits

Morgan Rehearsal Dinner at The Madison

Williams-Dyer at La Pavillon

Hansen-Douglass at Ind. Pres. & The U-Club

Hardwick-Glass at Bellevue & Ridgeway C.C.

Cook-Forte at Carahills Estate

Reba & Joey at Disney World

Graves-Thomas at Oxford-Univ. Methodist

Rehearsal & Dinner at Oxford Univ. Club

After-Party at The Library

Phillips-Sells at Ornamental Metal Museum

Chapman-Lammel at St. Peter’s & Southwind

Michelle & Matt at Folk’s Folly

Laughlin-Hester at 2nd Pres.& MCC

Dee Dee & John Eric’s Dinner

Barclay-Anderson at Christ Meth.& Chickasaw

Phillips-McRae at Kennedy Chapel

Whiteacre-Dixon at Nativity & Colonial

Jones-Zoghby at St. Mary’s & The U-Club

Eastham-Martin at Wilson Chapel and MCC

Julie & Rawl’s Rehearsal Dinner at Erling Jensen

Lammel’s at St. George’s & Southwind

Cannon-Sherman at Idlewild Pres. & Chickasaw C.C.

Sherman Rehearsal Dinner at Memphis C.C.

Kuntz-Bowen at St. Mary’s Cathedral & The U-Club

Rehearsal Dinner at The Hunt & Polo Club

Bridesmaid Luncheon at The Hunt Phelan Home

Tuxedo & Barclay’s Bridal Portraits

Ford-McClain Wedding

Birla-Chopra at The Hilton

Manisha & Kunal Sangeet

Shipman-Lennon at The Peabody

Pilgrim-Osborne at 2nd Baptist

Pilgrim-Osborne Rehearsal Dinner

Kristen & Ben Gibson at Bonne Terre

Kristen & Ben in St. Lucia

Nomland-Allen at The Zoo

Mistretta-Wilson at St. Peter’s & Southwind

Renee & Michael’s Wedding on Belleaire

Langston-Thompson at Colonial Country Club

Lammel-Trammell at St. John’s Episc.

Sara & Scott at Elfo’s

Baker-Harrell Wedding

Zanone-Webb at St. Peter

Katie & Chris’ Rehearsal Dinner

Clark-Zanone at Wilson Chapel

Zanone Rehearsal Dinner

Hayes Rehearsal Dinner at Jim’s Place

Lowry-Sellers at St. Louis

Brakebill-Kloberdanz at 2nd Pres. & MCC

Robinson-Wharton Wedding

Wharton at The Cadre

Zanone Wedding at Horseshoe Lake

Prewitt-Gaia at St. Louis and The Cadre

A Catered Affair Events

Felicia Suzanne’s


Memphis, TN Settings

Memphis-Milano Collection

Memphis Design at The Dixon

Memphis Flower Show